New Gallery!

This summer I joined another gallery, Caza Sikes in Cincinnati! I'm very excited to be able to work with the young and energetic Evan Sikes, who owns the gallery along with his father and brothers. They are located at 3078 Madison Road in Cincinnati. It's a great space; Evan and his father renovated an old paint store in the popular Oakley Square district. 


I love this logo. Evan explains: First, we wanted to pay a small bit of homage to our Mexican heritage. Before my grandmother passed away, she found out that my father and Vicente Fox (the former president of Mexico) are distant cousins. Since finding that out, we've had a few reunions with him in Cincinnati. His great-grandfather was from Cincinnati and migrated to Mexico. Secondly, we wanted to be welcoming, and we felt the word "gallery" can be intimidating. The word "caza" means "to hunt" (i.e. hunting for great artwork, etc.). The four heads represent myself, my father and two brothers, and if you look closely we all have different designs serving different purposes on our heads (my brother has a gavel since he's an auctioneer). It took us a few months to nail this down. 

Please visit Caza Sikes if you are in the Cinci area, or visit their website.